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Vehicle Data Interface MasterCAN. Full Range of Vehicle Operational Data in a Friendly Format  

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  • CAN bus (SAE J1939) and J1708 bus (SAE J1587) data reading
  • Selection of parameters and arranging them into messages easy to read and process on telematics terminals
  • CAN, RS-232, and RS-485 output messages
  • Reading and totalizing data of several DUT-E CAN fuel level sensors and sending corresponding output message
Vehicle data interface in telematics system

MasterCAN Product Line

Name MasterCAN CC MasterCAN C 232/485 MasterCAN V-GATE
Image Vehicle Data Interface MasterCAN V-GATE Vehicle Data Interface MasterCAN V-GATE

Input Interface


CAN (SAE J1939/71) CAN (SAE J1939/71) CAN (SAE J1939/71)
J1708 (SAE J1587)

Output Interface


CAN 2.0B (SAE J1939/71)

RS-232 and RS-485


CAN 2.0B (SAE J1939/71)

Why Choose MasterCAN

  • easy integration with fleet telematics systems
  • less terminal customization time due to filtering of unnecessary data
  • simple installation with contactless readers   and   that are included with the product
  • direct onboard power supply



 Parameter  Value
 Supply voltage, V  10…50
 Current consumption, mА  ≤100
 Operating temperature, °С  -40…+85
 Protection class  IP40
 Overall dimensions, mm  94,5х58,5х24,5
 Weight, kg  0,15

Output Messages

MasterCAN filters data from digital buses of a vehicle and forms messages that contain the most essential vehicle operation parameters for fleet telematics systems. MasterCAN with CAN output interface transmits FMS messages without changing them and forms Telematics messages. Telematics include the following parameters:

  • engine speed
  • instant fuel consumption
  • trip fuel consumption
  • engine temperature
  • oil pressure
  • engine torque
  • coolant level
  • oil level
  • fuel level
  • used fuel
  • oil level
  • coolant level

MasterCAN acts as FMS gateway. MasterCAN with output interfaces RS-232 and RS-485 transmit parameters either based on the terminal’s request (Modbus protocol) or in an automated text mode (ASCII protocol). For more information about transmitted parameters please refer to the MasterCAN vehicle data interface manual.