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Mastercan - интеграция бортовых информационных шин автомобиля с системами GPS/ГЛОНАСС мониторинга транспорта и контроля расхода топлива.


Integration of automobile CAN bus into transport telematic systems

A modern automobile has dozens of compound electronic devices on-board. Increasingly, CAN bus is used for data exchange between devices. The purpose of MasterCAN products is integration of automobile CAN bus and elements of transport telematics systems. MasterCAN devices are intended to put the operation of telematics terminals with CAN input to a qualitatively new level and allow you to:

  • safe data readout of automobile CAN bus;
  • organization of telematic CAN bus with maximum needed dataset;
  • intelligent combining of several CAN buses;
  • signal reception of analog sensors, their digital conversion and transmitting to the CAN bus;
  • identification of the necessary information inside the CAN bus and its transmitting over interfaces that are available in telematic terminal (analog, RS-232, RS-485).

Transport tracking and fuel consumption monitoring systems are intended to help in effective vehicle fleet management. Delivery of reliable information about vehicles and drivers means receiving, processing and analyzing of tens and hundreds of parameters on the automobile operation. Receiving of signals from sensors and systems is the most difficult task for integrators of monitoring solutions for today, because nowadays there are great number of car brands and models used by transport service.

In CAN bus there are arrays of information that has a great value for the transport telematic systems. Data about vehicle technical status and operation that are collected and processed by the MasterCAN devices can be very useful for the manager who is eager to optimize costs and increase efficiency of the vehicle fleet.

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